"After my first month at Bury CrossFit I thought it was time for a fresh review. The level of detail and programming of each session is second to none. The focus on technique, correct range of motion and that balance of strength and fitness leaves you walking away with a renewed sense of energy. Yes the session's are challenging, yes they are hard, but you have a dedicated coached constantly by your side, offering support, encouragement and applying a keen eye of detail with the way you perform. 

In my first month I've seen an increase with my muscular endurance, an increase in my cardiovascular fitness, adding muscle mass and a reduction in body fat. For £65 per month CrossFit Bury is an absolute bargain.

Why not give the free taster session a go and see for yourself."


" I joined CrossFit Bury after my free taster session. The first session was hard but so enjoyable. I have joined a gym and been to classes in the past but have always given up after a few weeks because I felt like I was going it alone. It's the total opposite at CrossFit Bury. Firstly, it is VERY different to anything I have done before but that's what keeps it interesting and enjoyable for me. I laugh to myself when I lifting weights. Secondly, I am not alone. Everyone is at different levels, everyone is learning all the time and you feel part of a team. I am still going aswell - I will not give up and it's so good that I don't feel like giving up. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's fun and gets you fit. It helps that the owners are great too! "



" I've been coming to CrossFit Bury since February and have lost 12% body fat and over a stone in weight without any changes to my diet going from a small 14 to an 8/10. I love that much of the training is weight based and am seeing dramatic changes in my body shape. I have visible tone in my arms, back and shoulders and even have some abs peeking through. 

The sessions are varied and no two days are ever the same so it never gets boring. I get a real thrill from gaining strength and seeing the weight I can lift increasing steadily. It's amazing what an intense cardio workout you get from the daily WOD and it's a real sense of achievement when you complete it. The class sizes are small and friendly so it's easy to ask for assistance and plenty of time is spent on technique.

There's a great community at the box with members of all shapes, sizes and age - crossfit really is for everyone. "