Test your Grit.

Find your Glory.


Welcome to CrossFit Bury 


We are Bury / North Manchester's first, and only, fully affiliated CrossFit box.

You won't just join a gym, you will be joining a community of like-minded people who will support you, encourage you and make training fun! Our class size and membership is strictly limited, so you'll never feel like 'just a member': you'll always be a big part of our box! 


CrossFit is designed for all ages and fitness levels making it the perfect programme for any individual who has the motivation to better themselves regardless of experience. We support and coach everyone, at every stage, to achieve the health and fitness level they desire.


At the heart of Crossfit bury's PHILOSOPHY lies the belief that we train to cultivate the character, strength and grit required to thrive in our lives outside the box, whether that's to benefit our sport, profession or personal lives. 

CrossFit workouts, known as 'WODs' or 'workout of the day', combine elements of cardio-endurance conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting. We lift weight, we move our bodies and the weight fast, and we actively discipline mental fitness.  




At CrossFit Bury, the nature of our training challenges the body, while testing the mind and spirit. Everything we do serves a greater purpose and is intentional. We believe that by getting strong, fast, and mentally tough our athletes' overall work ethic, integrity, courage and capacity for a powerful life is increased, WOD by WOD.

We also offer, on top of our CrossFit coaching, nutrition guidance (on request) and outsourced meal prep.






















CrossFit Games Champion Ben Smith,  2015 Fittest Man On Earth





"After my first month at Bury CrossFit I thought it was time for a fresh review. The level of detail and programming of each session is second to none. The focus on technique, correct range of motion and that balance of strength and fitness leaves you walking away with a renewed sense of energy. Yes the session's are challenging, yes they are hard, but you have a dedicated coached constantly by your side, offering support, encouragement and applying a keen eye of detail with the way you perform. 

In my first month I've seen an increase with my muscular endurance, an increase in my cardiovascular fitness, adding muscle mass and a reduction in body fat. For £65 per month CrossFit Bury is an absolute bargain.

Why not give the free taster session a go and see for yourself."


" I joined CrossFit Bury after my free taster session. The first session was hard but so enjoyable. I have joined a gym and been to classes in the past but have always given up after a few weeks because I felt like I was going it alone. It's the total opposite at CrossFit Bury. Firstly, it is VERY different to anything I have done before but that's what keeps it interesting and enjoyable for me. I laugh to myself when I lifting weights. Secondly, I am not alone. Everyone is at different levels, everyone is learning all the time and you feel part of a team. I am still going aswell - I will not give up and it's so good that I don't feel like giving up. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's fun and gets you fit. It helps that the owners are great too! "



" I've been coming to CrossFit Bury since February and have lost 12% body fat and over a stone in weight without any changes to my diet going from a small 14 to an 8/10. I love that much of the training is weight based and am seeing dramatic changes in my body shape. I have visible tone in my arms, back and shoulders and even have some abs peeking through. 

The sessions are varied and no two days are ever the same so it never gets boring. I get a real thrill from gaining strength and seeing the weight I can lift increasing steadily. It's amazing what an intense cardio workout you get from the daily WOD and it's a real sense of achievement when you complete it. The class sizes are small and friendly so it's easy to ask for assistance and plenty of time is spent on technique.

There's a great community at the box with members of all shapes, sizes and age - crossfit really is for everyone. "


" I've been going to CrossFit Bury for about a year now and I love it.  As soon as I walked in the door both Frenchi and Aimée were nothing but friendly and welcoming and made me feel at ease right away.  I find the coaching from Frenchi of a very high quality.  I went in never having held a barbell before and he takes time, not just in the fundamentals, to make sure you have the basics down before moving on to more complex movements or lifting heavier.  In all workouts there is the choice to scale down the workout if you cannot do the movements, and you have to be humble enough to accept that you will have to scale.  

Even in full classes (8 people) he will still manage to get some personal time with you to check how you are doing in the class, if you need help or even just a little tip to tweak your form here and there to help you out.  This also goes for anyone that has stood in for him (OJ, Andy, Amir).

To be honest, there will be times when you feel like you aren't progressing, times midway through a 100 thruster workout that you wonder what life choices you made that put you in that situation and times when you are still going on my workout when everyone is finished - we are all there at some point - but the other members will be supportive in helping you get to the end.  There will also be times when the workout fits your abilities spot on.  In that case you encourage everyone else on and get them to the end.  It's a community at the end of the day!

The best thing I did was get a diary and write down all the workouts I have done.  It's then when you look back at what you have done previously then you can see how far you actually have come.  I would definitely recommend coming down and giving it a shot. "



When I moved to CrossFit Bury from my last box I was worried I wouldn't enjoy it as much as my last one and that I had left all my friends behind. I was so wrong, not only have I made great new friends I also enjoy going to this box even more and hardly miss a session now as I'm so excited about going to each one. I have been able to push myself further than I thought I could through Frenchie's excellent training programme. I'm not sure how he puts up with my negative vibes and moaning about not been able to do something but he proves me wrong every time by getting me to push past it. It's a great atmosphere and no matter what your ability no one judges and everyone is willing to help and cheer you on.

CrossFit Bury Testimonal


After 2 and a half month, we were chuffed to received some feedback: "Amazing news from my Transplant Nurses at Hope Hospital. My kidney function has got even better and my blood sugar readings which were high and showed me I was at risk of diabetes have dropped back to normal levels. This is all down to WODs at Crossfit Bury. It’s given me even more incentive to work harder 💪💪"

After his first CrossFit session: "This morning was my first taste of crossfit with my wife. She has been asking me to try it for a while now. I enjoyed the taster session. Found it really hard as I am really unfit but managed to get through unscathed. I can’t walk now but everything is good.  Thanks guys for being nice to me. See you again."


After 6 months, she told us "Hi Frenchi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support and guidance. Crossfit is one of the hardest things Ive ever done and at times its really challenged me. Your support, positive reinforcement and general funniness has kept me engaged and wanting to return each week. Thank you"


"I joined Crossfit Bury in November 2017. I wanted something that would challenge me but also fit into my busy schedule. Crossfit Bury ticked all of those boxes and more!
Everyone has been so welcoming and I feel like a real part of the gym and it’s not even been 3 months.
I can see the changes in my body already and my form has improved beyond what I thought was possible thanks to Frenchie!
I have even taken part in my first competition and it’s given me a real taste for what I am capable of! 
Definitely give this place a go! You won’t regret it!!"

CrossFit Bury Testimonial


I started at crossfit Bury in June. Frenchi is very good at teaching you the different types of lifts.He is great at pushing you to your limits.I feel like my strength is improving already and my confidence is growing too.The people are amazing too, so friendly and welcoming.I started with 1/2 sessions a week but have now committed to 3 days a week. If you are looking for something to challenge you and push you to your limit then definitely try Crossfit Bury.


So glad i found this little box that has the biggest heart. I needed a box to go to while i was home for a few weeks. Crossfit Bury welcomed me in and i enjoyed every minute (Even the push presses and overhead squats). �
A wonderful box with a super friendly community and fantastic coach. Couldn't recommend it anymore.

CrossFit Bury Manchester


" Great Box with great people. My husband has been trying to persuade me to do Crossfit for over 3 years, since starting in January [2017] there is no looking back! Wish I had listened to him now! Wouldn't be without it, and for the first time in 6 years, after 2 kids, I'm going to be happy in a bikini (no tankini's!) this summer!!! Try it...you just might like it!!! "